Odd archive behavior

hello everyone
i'm having some issues with dopus~

i am using windows xp sp2 with an option in regional settings selected to display all non-unicode as japanese..

i have some folders named in japanese and korean, etc. and i have dopus set to open .rar and .zip as if they were folders (i can believe how i made it without that option).

1.) the problem is that in folders named in japanese, .zip files will not open at all; in their place is the message:
An error occured in reading zip folder:/ The system cannot find the path specified (3).

the .zip can be opened externally with 'winzip.'

2.) a .rar file in the same directory can be opened, but only if the name has some english characters in it. i havent put time into figuring out what combination of non-english to english characters must be present in order for a .rar file to be opened as a folder would.

the .rar can be opened in a folder named: 「gogogo」
the .rar cannot be opened in a folder named: 「オマケ」
it is as if it tries to open, but suddenly goes back
the .rar can be opened externally with 'winrar'

3.) the desktop (not c:\documents...\desktop but the system folder (?) ) does not follow the default color coding of dopus' column customization. sometimes if a folder with a customized wallpaper is clicked and then 'desktop' is selected at the very top of the tree, then the desktop will have the same backgroud wallpaper image as the folder one left to go to desktop from.
also, sometimes clicking on desktop in the tree list does nothing ><

sorry if this post was too long or all the questions are answered elsewhere. i think that this happens on my machine because i have the japanese set in regional options, but i'm not sure.

directory opus

yikes, I think these may be things you need to go to GPSoft official support for through their webpage mluna :frowning:.