Odd characters when editing metadata in viewer pane

Hi. I've noticed some odd behaviour when editing image files in the viewer pane.
If I edit the Camera Name and/or Model, then look at that information in another viewer (.e.g. EXIF Pilot, Lightroom. GeoSetter etc.) the changes that I have made are preceded by these characters 
Similarly, if I change the Copyright information in the viewer pane it gets preceded with a Â
However, if I make the same edits by clicking the Properties icon at the top of the lister everything is presented as I'd expect, with no spurious characters.

The other viewer doesn't support UTF8/BOMs properly. You should report the problem to them.

I see this problem very frequently in DOpus. It does not happen with every file but seems to appear in some files when I edit them in Photoshop CC - the files - not the metadata. The Copyright field is a particular problem. The corruption shows up in the DOpus metadata pane, the Infotips, Photoshop's metadata panel and in the VB macro I use to add metadata to my images.. I use no other external viewers so I cannot say if the problem can be seen there.


It is a long-standing problem that I have been seeing for years, and which I have reported.