Odd Lister Behavior?

I imagine many of my questions are simply from my unfamiliarity with DO despite having read a good portion of the manual.

I noticed some "odd" folder/file pane positioning behavior and wondered if there are settings to adjust. These aren't big deals but if I can configure this stuff that'd be awesome. :slight_smile:

  1. When navigating through folders, is it possible to keep the "Folder Tree" pane left justified? As it is the horizontal scroll bar adjusts depending to make your current folder the prominent selection. I'd rather it didn't do that, it's kind of disorienting. :slight_smile:

DO 10


  1. On occasion when I open a folder, the file list will automatically jump to the "end" of the list. But it's not all the time and I'm not sure what the variable is that's causing this. Anyone familiar with this behavior? :stuck_out_tongue:

Opens at End of List

Manually Move Slider to Beginning of List

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  1. You can change the folder tree's horizontal scrolling behaviour via Preferences / Folder Tree / Options

  2. Not sure what's going on there. I don't think anyone has reported anything similar, although List mode isn't used by that many people.

Are you using the latest version of Opus? (, or if you go with the newer beta version.)

Settings -> Preferences -> Folder Tree -> Options -> Horizontal Scrolling Style. I'm guessing you'll want "Windows XP" or "Manual".

Don't forget to use the Filter (bottom left) in Preferences to dig deep into the heart of of DO to find the nitty gritty :wink: I just filtered "tree" and it was the second thing found :slight_smile: