Odd Tempo Difference

I have a lot of loops and samples that I've analyzed for metadata like tempo.
But the embedded tempo is wrong. The Dopus metadata shows 128:

Odd Tempo 3

But my DAW shows 140. And says it got this number from the file's embedded tempo information.
Odd Tempo 2

I used a metronome to double check and the 140 bpm is correct.
I found a whole bunch of audio clips with this same problem. How could 128 be embedded but 140 be embedded?

If you upload an example file we can take a look.

Here's the three files that appear on the above pic. They are short, but duplicating them over time shows if they would stray from the claimed bpm.
Samples Test.zip (1.3 MB)

I read something about "metadata flags" on filenames. Which is what I'm assuming is happening. FL Studio and Resonic are both assuming the metadata based on the filename. ? I'm struggling to find any literature on this. It's odd that metadata like bpm wouldn't take priority over the filename.

Opus is showing the correct BPM values from the metadata. You can confirm that by looking at the files with other tools:

The DAW taking BPM values from the filename instead of the metadata might be because it doesn't support WAV metadata in general, perhaps. But that's something you'd need to talk to the DAW maker about.

You could create an Evaluator column in Opus which extracts the first number from the filename and displays that in a column, if you want Opus to show a column with the same thing. Of course, nothing guarantees that the first number in a filename is always going to be a BPM.

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