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Office 2016/365 Viewer not working in Win10/AppLocker


We're finding that in a environment configured with Windows 10, Enterprise, with applocker on, (allowing Directory Opus), that the viewer pane using the built-in Windows/Office activex viewer is not working for non-elevated rights (non-admin) users. If Directory Opus is Exited, and re-started with an elevated rights (admin) account, then the viewer works fine.

Using Windows 10 File Explorer the activex viewer works regardless of the user account permissions (non-admin or admin alike).

Any ideas?


Have you allowed docsvw32.exe and docsvw64.exe as well as dopus.exe?


Thanks. We'll check. Not sure.


Just checked. They weren't white-listed, so we're putting them in now. Will update as soon as we test. Thanks Leo!!


Hi Leo, thanks again. They weren't allowed. What we found was that we had to change the applocker rule so that those programs spawned by Directory Opus were allowed and related back to Directory Opus. Much appreciated. Don F.


Glad it's working now!

Just remember that any program you double-click in Opus may fall under the same rule.

(I'd also expect that to be true of any program which can trigger a File Open dialog, from which you can launch any other program. So if the rule literally allows any program to be launched by any whitelisted program then it opens quite big a hole. Unless it's restricted to e.g. signed executables stored below the Opus Program Files folder.)


Thanks. Understood.