On slow machine right click rename issue also occurs with ctrl + c / v

"On a slow machine, it was possible to right-click a file, choose rename, then select another file before the rename began and end up renaming the second file. This has been fixed."

I'm curious if this also resolved the issue where if you use CTRL + C and V of a file too fast.. instead of ending up with a duplicate file you end up with a clipboard text.txt file...

Note: 3.0GHz Quad, 8gb ddr2, 1080gt 8gb - 5 monitors. It doesn't always happen, but seems to occur more frequently when I have a lot of things going on.

Was that issue ever reported? It doesn't ring a bell.

Not having ever seen it or known of it until now, I can't say if it still happens, but I doubt the code-change for the inline-rename issue would affect copy and paste.

Since the operations are asynchronous, it is possible in theory for the Ctrl-V to happen before the Ctrl-C has finished, but the machine would have to be running very slowly to cause the Ctrl-C to take so long that it was not completed before you had time to push another key.

Also using SSD and that is where it happens.

I'll update and check it out to see.. I am planning on purchasing it but the ftp optional upgrade worries me.. I am on the 60 day pro trial and have used the ftp ( can be slow switching between 10+ tabs all on ftp; but can be useful ) but if I don't use the optional $10 upgrade am I left without any ftp access or? Also with the USB; if a USB device breaks, do I need to purchase another ( I'm guessing no as you're lax on switching to new pcs but it isn't specified ).

[quote="Acecool, post:3, topic:24777"]
I am planning on purchasing it but the ftp optional upgrade worries me..[/quote]

What does any of this have to do with this thread? :slight_smile:

You can do basic FTP without the add-on. The add-on enables SFTP(SSH) and FTPS(SSL).

Lax? You can switch to new PCs as often as you like and we do nothing to stop you. Not sure where that idea came from.

Same with USB sticks. Just export again if you lose the old one.