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On the fly resizing window :)

You can make buttons which run Set LISTERSIZE=... to do that.

e.g. Set LISTERSIZE=1000,700 would set the height to 1000 pixels and make the width 700 pixels.

e.g. Set LISTERSIZE=*,500 would keep the height as-is and make the width 500 pixels.

You could also use layouts, but the commands are probably better/easier if you just want some buttons to resize the current window.

Fabulous Leo, thanks so much. I'll play around with it. This will greatly simplify managing realestate. How do ppl even mange w/o DO? Being able to move around in windows easily is an absolute necessity in my world.

purrs to the kitties


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Evening Leo~can't seem to find set listersize/keeps taking me back to layouts. Read manual, search in prefs/just can't seem to find it.

Directions much appreciated :cat:

It's one of the arguments for the Set command.

Thanks Leo, John...I've looked and looked. I can't seem to find how to enter set command for a lister. How do I enter the set command? I've searched the help files and online. It must be something so obvious it's not listed/but it's not obvious to me. Please remember I am dyslexic so I don't always see something that is perfectly obvious to someone else.


It works like any other command, you can set up a button or hotkey to run it. Or press > to display the command-line and type it in as an ad-hoc command.

See!Documents/customize.htm if you're not sure about configuring buttons/hotkeys.

( How to use buttons and scripts from this forum is also useful as an alternative guide. --Leo)

Okay, this is fabulous. Took a bit but going over the directions slowly and repeatedly it finally all clicked. Just takes me a bit to 'see'.
Leo your recommendation of 1000/700 is the perfect size...purrfect grin.
Two more do I make it on/off? And how do I assign an icon? All I see is assign an image.

In all these years of using and loving Opus new possibilities open up which is very challenging and rewarding for me. I honestly don't understand how anyone using windows manages w/o it and I don't even begin to understand all the abilities.

These are the settings for keep on top button.

@toggle:if Set LISTERCMD=OnTopOn

How do I modify for changing size buttons?

thanks again,

Checking we're on the same page:

You want the button to toggle between two window sizes?

Just that, or changing always-on-top at the same time in one button?

This is a little VB Macro I have been using to change the size of Listers.

It gives you a list of Lister widths to choose, and sets the depth in proportion. (It is easy to change the proportion if it does not suit your needs.)

Obviously the widths will depend om your screen size and your personal choice, but they are really easy to alter in the code.

If it is useful please fell free to bend it to your needs.

Resizer.dcf (4.7 KB)


That's great, thank you so much. Have to run to town for produce write off for our sanctuary but when we return I'll play with your script.

Really appreciate everyone's help :heart:

Where would I insert this? Cking help files for macro can't find anything that would answer my question.


More time to reply now. I would love to have buttons (like the one you helped with for toggle on top/toggle off) for few opus window sizes. Sometimes I have 4 windows on screen/sometimes less. Being able to adjust window size on the fly would just be so convenient.

I've been studying the brain for a bit now and have a greater understanding of how brains register/perceive stimulation (audio, visual) so more aware of what I don't see and work arounds, just takes me a bit longer. When I finally 'see' something it's always such a high 5 moment. Learning is fun.
appreciate your help...always do

Just place the button an a toolbar.

Right click the toolbar you want to add the macro too and choose "Customize".

Then simply drag the button to the toolbar.

Oh gosh, this is impressive. The depth in proportion is spot on.

When you say alter in code...where would I find the code?
I won't tie you up with macro lessons...but would like to understand a bit more of how this is put together to broaden my understanding.
thanks again,

Go back in customise mode, right click on the icon and select edit. It should be straightforward from there.

Alternatively, hold down 'alt' and left click the button to go directly into edit mode (this will only work if Preferences / Toolbars / Options / Alt-Click to edit Toolbar buttons is turned on).

Here's a button which toggles between two window sizes:

Toggle Window Size.dcf (1.4 KB)

If you edit the button, you can change the sizes at the top, as shown here:


Here is a PDF in which I have annotated the code to help to understand it.

Script (100.7 KB)

Hope it helps.

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This tutorial is very well written. Reading it now and it is making sense/as much as it can being an entirely new language. I'm looking forward to digesting this/seeing new things. Way back in the day when pc's were still pretty new (win 98 first edition) I drug home discarded pc's in droves. Took them apart until I understood how they work so I could build my own. PC's off the shelf have sub-quality parts. The only reason I ever need to build a new pc is the parts become too hard to find. If built right they just don't doa. There was a fello in the small hamlet near here/retired IBM from the original coding group. He taught me a lot. Back then the going fallacy was you could mix ram speeds. I could always 'feel' something wasn't right (each pc has a definite unique feel) and suspected ram. Mel explained 'racing' and even tho talking milliseconds it adds up until the os starts feeling unstable. It's the reason I love opus so much/bc it is so incredibly well written and 'feels' rock solid/crisp. Back then money was tight (non profit animal sanctuary) but I knew opus was what I had to have and eventually was able to buy a license. If there was to be any true enjoyment with the pc the explorer part was essential. There were other file explorers out there but none held a candle to opus and still don't imho. On top of everything opus does, the gui is fully customizable which means it can be as beautiful as one wants. I know win 10 is very popular but I'm not interested. Win 7 (modified version) is visually superior (and few other areas) /metro bleh. The intentions behind win 10 are questionable imho...but that is another subject.

Thank you so much.

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