Once of a sudden Opus uses high CPU

12-13% steadily, is this normal? I'm using Rainmeter, & all 8 cores (incl. Hyper Threading) used to be a quite flat line. I don't think, that the CPU usage was that high some time ago. Now the graphs are all spiky all the time. When i exit Opus, it goes back to flat.

I have no idea, why that is. I also saw something else happening. The folder filters, which are applying several age filters (eg. files newer than 15 days), didn't show up as usual. That's why i went back to the 12.6.3 beta. It also happens with other Opus backups, so i really can't figure, what's going on. I had no changes during the time, it occured first. Which would be just a couple of hours ago. I also experienced crashes, when i tried to restore a backup. The dialog froze.

I have the bad feeling, that Microsofts new security concept in the Fall Creators Update is somehow messing with the applications. Just a few days ago i had to give up using Vivaldi, which abruptly stopped working. No reinstall, not even a Windows image could fix it. Of course i tried disabling all those cloud & other security features in the Windows Defender Securiy Center, but the odd behavior goes on. Any ideas?

Worth a try:

Ok, i followed those steps. This is what i found, dll wise.


I don't know, what to do with this information now.

But since i use Opus, i think, i have to shut it down for the first time. It used to run "always on", but the fan is getting too loud. Very frustrating. How can i force to use "openlisters", instead any other? Because a couple of minutes ago i somehow managed Opus to rum smoothly, with the header saying "openlisters".

I think it started, when i was writing in the other thread here in the forum, trying out some parameters to "run" the selected PDF. Could that be the reason, if i tested with the wrong parameters, that something broke in the registry, something related to Opus?

Here is the stupid command i tried :roll_eyes::

select *.pdf
Go {dlgopen}

Edit: here´s the whole stack


"openlisters" means Opus re-loaded the listers that were open before when it restarted.

From the stack trace, the problem looks like it is in rtffilt.dll -- RTF Filter, a Windows component for searching the text inside of RTF files.

Were you doing a search, find or filter on file contents before the problem started? If so, an RTF file somewhere may be confusing that component. Using Process Monitor might let you see which file it is, if the component is accessing it over and over (but it may not be, and could just be stuck looping over memory). Fixing the DLL would be harder, since it's a Microsoft DLL, but if you can find the file(s) that cause it to do that then you may at least be able to avoid the problem.

It's also worth checking the stack a few more times, in case it is not always showing the same things. If it shows different things each time, or if Process Monitor shows background activity which is moving through lots of files and not stuck on the same file, then there probably isn't a bug at all, and my bet would be a filter or something you've set up is doing a lot more background work than you expected. (e.g. A filter that checks file contents would be a bad idea in most situations.)

Brilliant. You've nailed it. When i did a few tests with that PDF filter, i was too lazy to copy a real PDF into that folder. I just renamed some old abandoned txt file, which i think renamed back afterwards, but maybe in some sloppy manner, LOL.

As it turned out, thanks to Opus' protocol function in the multi panel, i was able to reconstruct which file exactly i was renaming. When i saw, that i couldn't delete it in Opus, things were clear. Although it really makes me wonder, that an action like that could have such an impact on the whole program. Anyway, i managed to delete it outside Opus, now things are back to normal. & Microsoft is innocent :smiley: .

So, thanks. Learned another thing now. :slight_smile: