One click closes tabs, please stop this action

When I open Dir. Opus my lister opens correctly. When I left or right click on a tab to go to a different location/hard drive, the tab closes. I restart the computer, several times and no change. Please help me fix this issue. Please send fix to & Thank-you.

This doesn't make sense to me, unless something else running on your computer is changing what the left and right mouse buttons do, or unless the wrong terminology is being used. Right-clicking a folder tab would normally just display a context menu.

Could you post a screenshot or video showing exactly where you are left or right-clicking?

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Leo, I cannot simulate the error at work. The error occurs on my computer at home. If I click on a folder, it closes. If I click a tab, it closes. If you have any suggestions I am open to them.

Where are you clicking on the folder? (In the tree? File display? Favorites menu?)

Have you tried doing a config backup (Settings > Backup & Restore), then uninstalling Opus (this will wipe the config, so you're back to the defaults), then reinstalling Opus? If that works then the problem is in the config somewhere. Perhaps a script add-in has been installed which is doing something strange?

Do you have any software installed that changes how the mouse buttons behave, or how windows behave in general?

When you say it closes, do you mean the folder tab, or the whole window? Even when you click (or double-click) a folder?