One-click rename using music tags

I haven't had a whole lot of time to play with the new features of 8.2, having been quite busy lately, but I'm very excited about being able to rename mp3 files based on the ID3 tags. Fantastic work, GPSoft!!!!

I'd like to be able to do this automatically, with a button. Select the files, click one button, and they all get renamed to a certain format (specifically: "{mp3artist} - {mp3album} - {mp3track} - {mp3title}.mp3"), but it doesn't seem like I can currently do that.

Am I mistaken? Can it be done?


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You need to save a rename preset first. Then call that from your button.

For example, I have a rename preset - as follows:

Old Name: *
NewName: {mp3artist}{mp3year}.{mp3album}[##].{mp3title}.mp3

In addition you need to tick "Enable file information fields" in the rename dialog.

Once you're happy with the preset, add it to your list of presets - I called mine simply 'mp3'.

To call this from a button you'd use the following command:

Rename PRESET="mp3"

(Note: the backslashes in the new name field direct opus to create folders - a nice undocumented feature :slight_smile:

Neat, I didn't know about being able to move files into new subdirectories like that. :smiley:

Presets. That's great! Thank you.


P.S. to tanis: The slashes creating directories is undocumented? Quoting from "Opus 82 Changes.pdf," page 2:

P.S. to Nudel: Sorry about the subject line. I'll make them more meaningful in the future.

Ah - it was undocumented in an earlier incarnation of the changes doc. :slight_smile:

Hi all,

The MP3 tagging feature is looking pretty good, but i am struggling with one aspect. All of my MP3 files at the moment have the format "Track No - Artist - Album - TrackTitle.mp3" Where Track No. is a two digit field, 01, 02, etc. I havent been able to figure out how I can use the auto rename feature to pad in that extra zero.

The normal rename function has the ability to do this, but as far as I can see it always places the numbers at the end of the file name.

The Help files mention a NUMBER\O command to pad zero's but I can't get that to work either. The regular expressions always leave me a bit dazed to be honest.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Currently you have to use the normal rename sequential numbering to pad the number.

Insert [##] wherever you want the padded number to appear.

For example;


I believe it's been requested that {mp3track} be given the ability to pad numbers but that's not been added as yet.

Thanks Tanis, that's helped me out. It's fine as long as I'm updating a whole album, and they need to be in the correct order to begin with.

To be able to use the {mp3track} tag to extract the correct track number would be even better though. You mention that it's on the GPsoft "to do" list. I guess I'll just have to keep an eye on the forum to check when the next point release is out.

Great program though, its steadily replacing several of my previously "essential" programs, with my mp3 tagging software looking like the next one to go.



Hi all,

Have had Dopus for 6 months and have just started to realise the power it has. However, I want to create playlists by highlighting a bunch of files and clicking on one button.

I am sure it is possible!

Help please;-)



Well, I know some media players save playlist info using 'relative' paths to the files but most media players I've ever used don't seem to have a problem with 'full' paths so... make a button that does the following:

runmode hide
Clipboard PASTE 
dopusrt /cmd Rename FROM "Clipboard Text.txt" TO "{s|nopaths}.m3u"

The caveat is that it won't work as expected if you already have a file named Clipboard Text.txt in the folder you're selecting your song files in. The control characters at the end of the command rename the txt file to the parent folder name (with .m3u extension) which if you're in an 'album folder' is what most players default to... but you could modify the last line to do something like this instead:

dopusrt /cmd Rename FROM "Clipboard Text.txt" TO "{dlgstring|Enter filename for playlist...}.m3u"

Edit note- I'm assuming your media player is fine with standard .M3U playlists of course, but this is really another topic.

Very, very interesting Steje !
I didn't know it !
In fact the only references I can find to nopaths are as an argument to the Clipboard Copynames function.

I'd really like to know how you know this.
Did you discover this yourself, or did I miss it ?

I haven't tried it yet, I'll just take your word for it.
Good one Steje .

I think the Aussies say, if I correctly understood what Tanis privately explained to me about the expression,
Spot On Steje !

I've made a note of it in my homemade printed DOpus manual under control codes in book three.
I had it comb bound into three volumes at FedEx-Kinkos.

:opusicon: porcupine

It's an argument added in 8.2, though even though I have the exact synbtax wrong (it's nopath apparently, not plural nopaths). From the 8.2 change notes:

Please confirm that the file information fields only work for .mp3 files, but not .wma. Is that right?

Great work Steje,

Thanks for the quick reply. I have used it to try and "learn" the opus way of doing things.

The only thing I see that may not work is the m3u file has the full path to file, as my sons will be using the mp3's and m3u's in there respective PC's and IPOD's, I can see that the playlist having the fullpath may cause problems if we all dont have the same file hierachy.

The commands to "strip" the path from the playlists is what I will need to know.

Thanks all for their help, much appreciated.


Yeah! Have added nopaths switch after copynames command. i.e.

Clipboard COPYNAMES nopaths.

Have created button with LMB,MMB and RMB, giving me option to create playlists with Path, without path and to specify name of playlist.

One small step...

Nudel's dos program might be of use:

It can easily be incorporated into an Opus button.

Well, I don't have an iPod so I don't know how people organize their music onto it... If all files are just dumped to the root of the iPod filesystem, then using either the nopaths modifier for the clipboard function or nudels program should produce the same thing and work for iPoderrs.

While looking at this I also thought it might be nice for the Clipboard PASTE command to support an AS option that could let the paste operation work sort of like Copy AS so pasting does not have to use the same name as that which was copied (or in this case override the default Clipboard Text.txt file name). Not sure if that is do-able though... but it would eliminate the need for the rename function as well as possible conflict with existing Clipboard Text files...