One Drive and Opus Standalone Viewer

I appear to have hit another issue with Opus and One Drive. If I attempt to view a file in the standalone viewer that is stored only on the cloud I get the following:

Is this expected behaviour? Or is there some kind of a problem?

A problem in One Drive possibly. Didn't Microsoft claim this latest complete rewrite of how it works would finally make it transparent to everything else? :slight_smile:

More seriously, does it only happen for some types of files, or all of them?

Is it only for offline files, or also local ones?

It is hard for me to say. I only keep JPG images and PDF files on One Drive. PDF files open in Acrobat reader - as I would want them to. It does apply to all JPG files I have stored in the cloud. They are fine if they are stored locally.

I can see JPG files and PDF files in the built-in viewer, but they are obviously just blown-up versions of the thumbs.

I really thought that at last One Drive had become a useful tool, but what with the 256 size restriction on the thumbs and now this - I really should have known better.

This works ok here for me (when I double-click an image, at least). Exactly what steps are you doing to trigger the viewer?

I am double-clicking.

It works perfectly fine if the image is available on my PC locally. (Green Tick as the icon) But I get the error if the file is stored on the cloud (Cloud as the icon)

I can see why it may not work, because presumably like any editing program (e.g. Photoshop) the Opus viewer presumably has to down load a local copy to display it.

If I switch to Explorer and ask to view the image in the Photo Viewer app from Windows 10 a box appears showing the progress of the file download and the image displays fine. The Photo App is obviously acting like Photoshop and downloading the image before opening it.

The whole point of the new new OneDrive is that the downloading happens automatically, transparent to applications. And it does work ok for me, so again I think this is something that's just a bit weird on your machine.

Have a read of this; it sounds like you may have inadvertently blocked Opus from automatic downloads.

That is a partial fix, thank you Jon. I certainly never purposefully changed that setting.

The only thing I have noticed is if I open a cloud image in Photoshop and resave it, it goes back to the cloud.

If I open an image in the Opus viewer and close the viewer the image is stored back to my disc - not the cloud. I have to use the "Clear Space" to restore the image to the disc.

The viewer doesn't normally re-save images so those two tests aren't doing the same thing in both programs.

Opening an image in Photoshop and then closing it would be closer to what happens when viewing an image.

You are quite right Leo. If you save a file back to One Drive it returns to the place from which it came - in my case the Cloud. However, if you abandon an edit and close the image it deposits itself on the local disc.

Then you have the fag of clearing the space to restore it to the Cloud only. Maybe, should I have good fortune to live long enough, Microsoft will finally get One Drive right.