One find field for multiple computers

We routinely search the project drives of our other in-house editing computers. Is there a way to set up a custom command within DOpus that will allow me to type in one search string and have it search the project drives of 5 other computers? We don't currently have to sign in to those other 5 computers so this may or may not be an easy one.

Thanks in advance for any help you could offer!

If you've got drive letters mapped to each folder then you can do it. Otherwise there isn't an easy way to do it at the moment. This is because Opus can either search multiple drives from the root level or a single folder and below.

It's not currently possible to search multiple folders (unless they're all the root level).

If you do have drive letters mapped then you can create a button which runs the Find command with all the fixed arguments specified which just asks for the search pattern using a dialog. You'll probably also have to use dopusrt in order to feed the dialog text into the Find command, but it's not as complicated as it sounds once you know how...

I'm guessing you don't have drive letters mapped to all the project folders, though? If you do and you need help making the dopusrt/Find command-line let me know.

Also guessing he is using UNC paths through the network rather than mapped drives...

As a side note to this request I'd also love if searches on multiple selected folders did NOT bring up seperate Find dialogs windows for each selected folder... :frowning:.