One Lister to rule them all

The preview mentions that it should be possible to open folders from external programs in another tab of the current lister (instead of opening a new lister).

I have checked all the options "Bring the last active Lister", but still new listers open on me (for example from "explore folders" commands, external programs which open folders etc.).

Is there a way to have one lister and one lister only? I very much prefer tabs than a flock of overlapping listers...

Here it is. Try out the new Preferences Filter!

Quite cleverly hidden, that one :slight_smile: I had a look at that page and assumed it was the same as DO8...

Thanks a lot!


It would be even nicer if it worked :frowning: I have the option checked and new listers are still opened...

I'm not sure if there are limitations to this feature or not (depending on the way an external application calls Explorer). Perhaps Leo or Jon can chime in here with some insight.

You should file a support request on this issue (see my signature).

So far, I agree with you, it seems to have an issue.

It seems to work okay for me.

How are you guys launching the folders?

I created a folder on my Desktop and when I double-click it it opens a new tab in Opus.

Some things I tried:[ul][li] Double-click on the My Documents shortcut from the Windows Desktop. Opens in a new tab in the active lister.
[li] Use Internet Download Manager to download a file, then select the Open Folder button after the download completes. Opens in a new lister, not a new tab.
[li] Right-click on Control Panel in the Windows Start Menu and select Open from the context menu. Opens in a new lister, not a new tab.[/li][/ul]

Folder on the desktop: New lister
Open parent folder in VistaGlance: New lister (open in DO works fine)

Out of curiosity, I have checked the system folder settings, and there it is:

Action: Open in Directory Opus
Application: "C:\Program Files\Maintenance\Directory Opus\dopusrt.exe" /dde
DDE Message: [NewLister("%L", %I)]

How to fix that one?

Try changing the NewLister to NewTab in the DDE Message.

It works now.

I suppose the new listers opening from desktop and from external problems stem from the same source, that is the default "explore" command for folders. If I could fix that, then it should get rid of new listers.

It might be worth searching the registry for NewLister to see if it's set for other types.

I'm not sure why the switch in Preferences doesn't work for you but it might be because of the 64-bit/32-bit registry virtualisation in Win64. Maybe Opus is writting settings that 64-bit apps don't see? Just a guess, though.

No "NewLister" strings in the registry. Must be something else.

With the "explore" command it was easy - I changed the default command dopus.exe "%1" to the DDE command from "Open in DO". However, VistaGlance still opens a new lister...

I'm not familiar with VistaGlance but maybe it's calling ShellExecute on the folders with the "open" verb. If so that will send the folders to Explorer (which handles open) and not Opus (which handles openindopus).

If that's the case then you'd need to ask the VistaGlance developers to consider calling ShellExecute with an empty verb, so that the default verb is used. Normally that will be "open" for a folder so it won't change what happens on most systems, but with Opus in Explorer Replacement mode the default verb for folders becomes "openindopus" and everything works as desired.

I am not sure I understand...

VistaGlance is still calling Dopus, it is just doing it in two different ways - when I click on the found folder and select "Open", "Explore" or "Open in Dopus", it works correctly, that is no new listers are opened (although it opens on the same monitor as VG, not where I want it...). When I use "Open parent folder", it opens a new lister.

I will write to the developer and ask why it is different.