One tab that represents/holds a dual pane


is it possible to make one tab represent a dual pane?
I use TotalFinder a lot on a Mac and it's been a really nice user experience.

This is what it looks like:

It also allowed to define a hotkey (I use cmd-\) to activate the un/combine-tab feature.
The way it works is simple. You have several tabs open. If you now use the combine-tab feature it will look for a tab to the right of the current one and combine those two into one tab. If there's no tab to right it will create a new one with the default location for a new tab.

I'd prefer this way to work with dual panes over having just two panes that contain tabs on their own. Reason for this is that combined-tabs allow me to group topics more logically while two panes with tabs require me to remember which tabs belong together.

You can link tabs so selecting a tab on the left will automatically select the other tab linked to it in the right (or vice versa).

Yes, I found this feature but it still feels a bit "disconnected"... :smiley:
Thinking about it again now, it seems to be the feature I just described but visually there's a disconnect in my opinion. Maybe it could be a new display mode like TotalFinder is doing it? I'll try the linked tabs feature anyway to see if it's just me getting used to it.