Onedrive Photo Uploads

Hi There ,,,, I use Dopus as my file explorer and a few of its benifits. it does way more than i know how to use.
I recently added Onedrive so my files are available and synced on all devices.
It had this option to upload my photos on samsung phone and upload them to onedrive.
I Said YES ,,, :frowning:
It did a great job of uploading them to onedrive escpt it Changed "Date Created" to todays Date,,, On ALL MY PHOTOS ,,, how stoopid. Can Dopus help with this in any way ?
Of course ive deleted them all from phone thinking it did such a good job only to discover this :frowning:


Is the same option there in File Explorer? It doesn't sound like it is part of Opus.

You can copy the Date Modified or Date Taken fields to Date Created, which may fix the files, although it may require them to be downloaded locally if they are currently only in the OneDrive cloud. The options for that are inside the Properties menu-button on the default toolbars.