Only 1 instance of Dopus open at a time. Is that possible?

is it possible to set Opus to open only 1 instance of the program?

sometimes i forget there is already an instance of Opus already open and i open another by mistake.


See this FAQ: [Always re-use a single window instead of opening new windows)

(By the way: There is only ever a single instance of Opus per user. In other words, you'll only see one copy of dopus.exe in Task Manager no matter how many windows it has open.)

tnx leo.

of course, it will open another instance if i click a folder on my desktop.
but it's a very minor issue.

still, it would be nice to have a "allow only 1 instance of opus to be open" option in a future version.

just bought Dopus yesterday.
well worth the money! :slight_smile:


You're confusing windows with instances. They're different things. :slight_smile: There's only ever a single instance of Opus (per user). Even when there are two Opus windows open there's still only one copy of the program running, not two.

If you set the three options shown in the FAQ then you should see just one window be used, even when double-clicking folders on your desktop. I don't think any additional setting is needed, unless I've overlooked something.