Only 1 Opus Lister?

Hi, I have been not using Tabs in Opus to the fullest. I see that it can be a great help in organizing and file management through out my day. I think it would be good for me if I could only launch one Opus window. Is it possible to make Opus' configuration only able to launch one Lister?

Not sure, but maybe you mean this? -> settings -> preferences -> Opus start -> explorer replacement -> open external folders in a new tab

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No, but thanks for the attempt, I still can launch multiple listers with that checked.

How are you launching the listers?

Without knowing what you're using we can't tell you what you need to change.

Oh! I am using the replace explorer method. And some times other dialogs are launching location automatically in Opus. I guess your question means how do I launch a new lister? Sometimes only by double clicking on Desktop. I just forget that I have one already already opened. I want a new to never open if a Lister is already open.

(I've removed Amerifax's advice as I think he was confused about what you are trying to do, and following those suggestions would just make all of us even more confused about what each other is trying to do. :slight_smile: )

That should be covered by the option Abr suggested in the first reply.

Turn on Preferences / Launching Opus / From the Desktop / Bring the last active Lister to the front (new Default Lister if no Listers open).

Sorry for the confusion Leo. I Understand and agree with the action.


I believe I have the same issue. I'm using the latest download of Directory Opus v10. on Windows 7 although I have the same problem on Windows XP.

The problem occurs regardless of manipulating local drives or network based storage arrays. I need to use D.O. to "Restore Previous Versions" of files and folders. I do this by:
Right clicking a folder and selecting "Restore Previous Versions"
Highlighting a folder in the folder versions window
Select the "Open" button

When I do this it opens a new lister window. I require it to open a new tab in the existing lister window but it doesnt work.

I have selected Tools > Preferences > launching Opus > Explorer Replacement > Replace Explorer for all folders
I have selected Tools > Preferences > launching Opus > Explorer Replacement > Open external folders in a new tab
I have selected Tools > Preferences > launching Opus > From the Desktop > Bring the last active .....
I have selected Tools > Preferences > launching Opus > From the Taskbar > Bring the last active .....

Nothing I try forces it to open a new tab instead of a new window. It never opens Windows Explorer in error therefore the "Replace Explorer for all folders" is working fine, I just need it to stay in the same window instead of launching a new one, either on the tab of the lister I am using or ideally, on a new tab of the existing lister.



The Windows Previous Versions properties page seems to open folders in an unusual way which forces a new window to open.

If you link your account then we will add it to the list to look into whether we can make it open new tabs instead.

Thanks leo.

I would appreciate any assistance with this matter. I'm unable to link myself just at this moment as this problem came to light as part of my evaluation of Directory Opus for my organization. I have been impressed by the rich features of Directory Opus and I have still recommended the product for purchase, but this inconvenience would be a particular hindrance to our intended use, and one which I hope can be addressed without too much effort.



What kind of thing do you have planned where you'll need to open Previous Versions frequently enough that it matters whether it opens in a window or a tab?

There may be a better way which avoids the problem entirely.

Thanks for the quick response Leo.

Simply put, we aim to use Directory Opus as a replacement for Windows Explorer to, amongst other shortcomings, address the issue of long paths. We have a SAN storage solution that takes hourly snapshots of data changes to allow for quick disk to disk restores. This role will be carried out by support desk staff and wish to keep the solution as simple as possible to reduce training requirements.

Some of the key features of Directory Opus that appeal to me are:

Dual panes for ease of viewing source and destination copies
Tabbed panes to allow alternate searches without navigating away from the current location
Navigation lock for browsing down two deep directory structures simultaneously
Highly flexible front end design to limit the options to the desired functionality

For these reasons it is an important feature that everything can be done within the same lister. This would present a single point of navaigation. It is often the case that several versions of a file restore have to be cross checked (dates and times) before the preferred version is restored. In this scenario it would be invaluable to have that information to hand within the same lister with just the need to switch between tabs. To have to toggle around 4 or 5 listers would be cluttered and prone to error. The simple addition of "previous Versions" selection to a new tab rather than a new lister would provide a very powerful and easy to navigate front end.

Many thanks Leo.

Thanks, that makes perfect sense and I can see now why it's important.

We'll definitely look at whether we can make the previous versions folders respect the Explorer Replacement tab settings.

One thing to note, which may help in the mean time, is that after the separate window opens, you can drag its tab into your main window to move it over. It is an extra step, of course, but it will enable you to get the folder versions you want open in tabs within the same window, simplifying the rest of the process.

There may be some other things we can do to make that process even easier, but I don't want to promise anything until I've taken a better look. It's given me some ideas, though. :slight_smile:

Thanks Leo.

I look forward to seeing what you come up with.


back in June I asked if it was possible to force Directory Opus to launch new listers as a new tab in the current window rather than a new window when using the "Restore Previous Versions" option. The thread was

I temporarily called myself SHERLOCK99 when I submitted that question. Now that we have completed the evaluation and purchased Directory Opus I have set up a new forum account to link our registration code to.

I wanted to ask if any progress had been made with this request. We will shortly be deploying the product to our staff and it would be good to know if this feature was achievable or whether it is impractical.



It's still on our list but we haven't got to it yet.

Thanks for the update.

Out of curiosity - what kind of SAN/NAS storage array is this...? Perhaps there is an alternate way to 'Restore Previous Versions' that could in fact be even easier to use.

That's now done for the next version.

That's fantastic Leo. Thanks for your efforts.