OP11 Status Bar Editor

In the status bar editor, there is no right click context menu, in particular Copy/Cut/Paste.
Also, attempting to use Ctrl-X, Ctrl-C, & Ctrl-V create seemingly random unexpected results.
Probably something funky and simple to fix.

Ctrl-X, Ctrl-C, & Ctrl-V seem OK here from a quick test.

Can you give exact steps on how to make them go wrong? e.g. Starting status bar text, what to select and which keys to push to see the problem.

Since rebooting, the Ctrl-X, Ctrl-C, & Ctrl-V seem to be operating OK.
I installed OP11, and of course rebooted, but the next reboot after that seems to have negated the Ctrl-X, Ctrl-C, & Ctrl-V issue.
However, Shift-DownArrow at BOL followed by either Ctrl-Insert, Shift-Insert or Shift-Delete are way wacky and results are hard to describe.

Oh, and are there plans for a popup context menu?

Ctrl-Insert seems to do nothing.
Shift-Insert does the same as Ctrl-V from what I can tell.
Shift-Delete deletes forward to the end of the current line.

Not sure if that qualifies as "way wacky" :slight_smile:

Are those Brief keyboard mappings or something?
All other places that I'm aware of:
Ctrl-X = Shift-Del
Ctrl-C = Ctrl-Insert
Ctrl-V = Shift-Insert
So in that regard, yes wacky.... but if this text edit box (Status bar editor) is designed for some other keyboard mapping, then I guess it would not be at all wacky.

Ok, so I'm just trying to get a handle on the keychords used in this editor.

Here are some common shortcuts from the Visual Studio guide, and pertain to many other editors as well:

[ul]Ctrl-X or Shift-Delete: Cuts the currently selected item to the clipboard
Ctrl-C or Ctrl-Insert: Copies the currently selected item to the clipboard
Ctrl-V or Shift-Insert: Pastes the item in the clipboard at the cursor
Ctrl-Z or Alt-Backspace: Undo previous editing action[/ul]

And through google I see the use in some text controls of Ctrl-Shift-Delete to cut the current line.

Anyway... as I said, I'm just trying to get a handle on this.
Many thanks for any insight you have.

Just wondering if anyone has any ideas.
Currently copy/paste is only accessible via left hand and is not handicapped accessible, so any thoughts would be welcome.