Open a collection and subcollections in new tabs?

Is there a way to click on a collection in the folder tree and open it (including the "subfolders" / subcollections) in separate tabs? Like how, for example, in Chrome if I click on a bookmarks folder using the middle mouse button it opens all the containing bookmarks in separate tabs.

Things I have tried so far:
checking the compilation of FAQs
single and doublecliks with left, right and middle mouse buttons
combined with Alt, Ctrl, Shift keys...

...but no luck. So, is there a way to do it?

If you don´t need it to work automatically for new collections, why don´t you set up the collection´s tabs
once, save them as tabgroups, then you can load them at once? Just an idea.

That's what I usually do, but it'd be more handy if I could do it from the Folder Tree, because from time to time (quite often, in fact) I change the subcollections and then I have to redefine the tabgroup.

Any progress here?
I got used to Go New command for middle click in folder tree but it doesn't work on collections.