Open a new layout within the same lister


under Preferences > Layouts and Styles > Layouts, you can choose to either close all existing listers or open a new lister when a different layout is selected. This can be set per layout.

I have several layouts defined, with all of them set to close all existing listers when loading. This is because I only want to ever have a single lister open at any time. Each layout opens in dual pane mode, with a single tab in each pane.

What I would like to be able to do is select a new layout and have that layout open as a new pair of tabs (one per pane), keeping the original tabs as they were. Then, using the tabs groups I could switch between pairs of tabs. I suspect this cannot be achieved without replacing the layout but I thought I'd ask in case it was a possible enhancement.



You can apply a layout to a lister but that would replace the existing tabs.

There's no way to just open the tabs from a layout in addition to any existing tabs and without the rest of the layout changing which panels the lister has open, etc.

That's what folder tab groups are for.

You can open a new window showing a particular folder tab group, so you could (in a way) use tab groups instead of layouts but not vice versa.

Thanks for the quick replay Leo. I didnt think it would be possible but I thought I'd give it a shot.