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Open all Folders as new tabs


Is there a way to set Dopus 12 to open all folders as new tabs? For example, if I was to go to E:\Music 2\complete\Cryptopsy instead of there being one tab open called Cryptopsy there would be a series of tabs open like this.

I would also like it to close the tab that it's current on when I click the up arrow. So that it would close Cryptopsy and go back to complete and go back to music 2 and then eventually E:


You can modify what happens when folders are double-clicked via Settings > File Types.

The Left double-click + Alt event probably has the command you want, so you could copy it from there.

If you mean the up arrow on the toolbar, you can edit it as with all toolbar buttons. Go TABCLOSE is the command to close the current folder tab.

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