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Open certain .lnk files in other window


i mostly use dual vertical, i have a ton of shortcut .lnk files that i use all the time.
Generally i want them to open in the window where they reside (just as it works normally now) but is there a way to make certain (but not all) .lnk files open in the the other window (open in right side if lnk file dbl clicked in left and v.v.)
they could share some characters in their lnk filenames common to all the ones i would like to behave this way


Without much effort, you can have it so holding down a key when double-clicking, or using a particular toolbar button, etc. will do that.

With a bit more effort you could do just about anything by having a script handle the double-click and check what the filename is.

But if you are only using these links inside Opus, there is also an easier way, which would be to create .dcf files that run the appropriate commands to open the folders in the other side, which you can then double-click. Those obviously won't work outside of Opus, though, so how suitable that idea is depends on where you plan to use the .lnk files.


Opus is 99% of my interface to files so an Opus exclusive method would be fine, will investigate .dcf files as i don't know what those are
i think the script checking filename is probably the least attractive,
care to jump start me on how to do this while holding down a key a nd/ or doing it with a button ?


For the .dcf route:

  • Make a toolbar button which runs Go "C:\Windows" OPENINDUAL or similar. (Change the path to the one you want to open.)

  • While still in Customize Mode, drag the button from the toolbar to a folder. You can delete the button off the toolbar afterwards.

You'll then have a .dcf file which runs that command. Repeat as required, or duplicate and edit the .dcf in a text editor if easier.