Open_container_in_tabs issue

I enabled this option: Preferences / Miscellaneous / Advanced / open_container_in_tabs, but it does not work for me. Opus does not open a new tab for the selected item in the collection, it opens it in the current lister instead. Would someone check this for me, please. Thanks!

Please link your account as requested before.

Thanks, Leo! I'll do that when it's really necessary.

After a short time of playing around, I found a solution for myself. I reconfigure the collection context menu like this: Settings > File Types > Double click on "Collection item" to edit it > Double click on "Opening Containing Folder", then change:
That's all. Now, I can quickly open items in a new Lister/new tab/dual lister with Shift/Alt/Ctrl pressed. This is really more convenient.
I don't use the option open_container_in_new_tab any more. I think this could be considered as an update in next releases of Opus.

Thanks again, guy!

It only takes a minute. Is there some reason you can't do it?

We won't consider anything unless you link your account.