Open file/folder in a specific lister using Windows command line

Hi everybody,

I apologize if this question may have been already asked.

Is there an easy way to open a file/folder in a specific lister using Windows command line?

I'm using Directory Opus as shell replacement for Windows Explorer.

On the other hand I have a batch that starts a given folder. Now this folder is open in Directory Opus. So far so good. However it seems that the selected lister is the latest used lister. And I'd like to use a specific lister for opening this folder.

Any idea of how I could change my command line instruction to get this result?

Many thanks in advance.



dopusrt.exe will have you covered. Check DOpusRT Reference.

What specifies the lister?

The lister is usually open, but if it is not it is in the list of existing listers anyway. I hope I answered your question.

Thanks for the tip and pointing me to dopusrt.exe I was not aware of. I will explore it.

Nevertheless in the dopusrt command reference table I still cannot see how I can specify which lister to open the selected file/folder with.

Any help? Many thanks in advance.



I think there are still some important details missing.

How can the command know which lister you are interested in?

What is special about the lister, compared to the other one, which the command can use to know you want that lister and not the other?

Hi Leo, Thanks for your question.

This is precisely what I'm wondering about. I'd like to know if there is a way for me to specify in which existing lister I could open the folder that interests me. If it is not possible then I could always use the DopusRT command dopusrt.exe /cmd Go NEW which will create a new window.

It is possible to send things to a specific window, but to do so you'll need to explain how that window should be differentiated from any other.

Think of a corridor with two doors. You want someone to knock on "your door". How do they know which one it is? What's special about the door compared to the other one? What does the person knocking look for to know which door is the right one? That's the detail we need.

So far, all we know is that there are two listers and you want the command, run from outside of Opus, to go to one and not the other. We don't know anything about the listers yet (unless I have missed something?), so as far as we know they are identical listers with nothing to tell one apart from the other. They cannot be identical, or you would not care which lister was chosen, but you haven't told us yet what makes one special compared to the other, so we don't have enough information to answer the question.

Thanks, Leo, for your help and concern.

I may have not been specific enough.

Let me describe the way I work with Directory Opus–which is I recall my Windows shell. I maintain a couple of listers that are still open:

1/ Lister A, which is my main general purpose lister with a lot of common directories in it. This is the lister in which I want to open my newly selected folder from my batch command line.

2/ Lister B, which is a dedicated lister gathering a number of directories which are all related to my multimedia files.

3/ Lister C to ..., which are dedicated listers, each gathering directories related to a specific customer of mine (Did I mention I am a freelancer translator)?

So what I would like is basically telling Windows the flwg instruction:

open the currently selected folder in Directory Opus Lister A

Does above info help?

Many thanks in advance.

You could script something which looks at which folders are currently open in the different windows and chooses which to open an extra tab in based on that. Would that work? Is it always the exact same folders that it would need to look for, or is it more complicated (e.g. folders below a certain folder? folders containing certain types of files?)

After second thought I just need to temporarily check the contents of my folder "My Kindle content" and close it after having used it. It is not meant to permanently stay open. So maybe a DopusRT command to create a new window with it from the scratch would do the job.

As I'm still a newbie with DopusRT would you be so kind as to let me know how to do so?

Many thanks in advance.


"C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\dopusrt.exe" /cmd Go D:\User 

See Go how to adjust the Go command to your needs.