Open File/Folder in existing lister shortcut

Ok, thx for your help.

Hopefully this can be added to a future release as its quite a normal request for such an configurable app like DO.

Send GPSoft a feature request and it might happen.

I only tried this as a test in response to your thread here, and all I did was to create a simple two line batch file and ran that from TLB, which for me worked exactly as I think you want yours to work. I don't understand just how you're entering your commands, but if you can run one line of "DOS code" then you could try combining the two lines from the batch file into one like so:

dopusrt.exe /cmd Go LASTACTIVELISTER & dopusrt.exe /cmd Go "K:"

I realize you and Leo have worked through a lot since I was involved here so what I'm saying here now may be moot.

By the way, sorry about my slow response here, my monitor died yesterday and the nearest computer store of any size is 100 miles away.