Open first file in selected folder?

is this possible with Opus?

i've made a keyboard macro with my hotkey program that will go into the folder, open the first file, then back out, but it's not very elegant. i'd prefer Opus to do it silently.

my music player will enque all the songs in a folder if you open just one of them, so it's good for playing one album at a time. but i'd love to be able to select one folder in Opus' beautiful CD view, then punch a hotkey and have the album start to play :slight_smile:


As you're using Foobar2000 you can simply pass it the name of the selected directory without entering the directory at all:

"C:\Program Files\foobar2000\foobar2000.exe" {allfilepath$}

That'll work with both files and directories. It plays everything that's selected.

actually i'm using Billy these days. no command line support...

It must have some kind of command-line (or maybe DDE) interface that Opus can use, else it wouldn't be able to associate itself with those file types when you double-click them.

Have a look at the default or Open action for the file types in question.

the Open action is standard:

"C:\Program Files\Billy\Billy.exe" "%1"

if i change it to this:

"C:\Program Files\Billy\Billy.exe" {allfilepath$}

it doesn't work on a selected folder :frowning:

(I just downloaded Billy and it only plays the first file I give it. Is there a setting to make it auto-load the rest of the folder, or does it require .m3u playlists in the folder or something?)

I don't think it would be easy to make a reliable button in Opus which enters a folder and double-clicks the first thing inside of it. Buttons which change folders and then run further commands on the files within the new folder tend not to work because the folder is read asynchronously and things like "click first file" may be run before there are any files.

I'd ask the author of Billy if he'd consider allowing it to be given a directory as the argument, or use a music player with the feature already. Billy looks very basic (which I guess is the point of it).

yes, there is a setting to auto-load all files in a folder. and yes, Billy is very basic! but that's what i love about it. it's very fast and efficient it has live search like Opus, so i can pick a song from a library of 1000s in a matter of seconds. i use WinAmp 2.95 when running CD Art Display, but Billy is my main player...

i'm not sure how active the development is. a new beta was released in march, and that was the first new build in several years...

well no problem, i can open a folder to play a cd. i just thought it'd be a nice touch.

i appreciate your help as always, leo!

If it auto-loads all files in the folder, maybe the filename you give it doesn't actually matter?

Or, maybe it supports wildcards?

well, it always plays the file you load... if you have 10 songs in a folder and load #5, it makes a playlist 1-10 and starts playing 5. so it at least pays attention to a filename...

plus this auto-load is an option that can be turned off.