Open folder for some reason has changed to a different type

I used open a folder and see only subfolders and the files that exist within the parent. preferable display.

Now when I open a folder I get the following multiple displays within the folder, not preferable.
Applications (16) a list of programs that are executable (exe)
Config File (11) files that end up with the word config after the exe.
File Folder (13) a list of all the subfolders
Manifest File (3) executable files that have the word manifest after the exe

Besides seeing in a display that I don't prefer I also have two other issues:

  1. The addition of the word config (after PXE)
  2. The word manifest after the word EXE.
    I don't know if the words were always there or if they were added somehow.

I have found that if I click on the NAME, top column, and toggle group on and off the display returns to what I call normal. But the next time I come into the same folder it will end up with the above issues. I figure it's probably a preference that I just can't find.


Sounds like you activated "grouping" by default or something.
As the folder formats system is quite complex, I think more details are required to help you fix your configuration.
In the meantime you could as well look up some of the FAQs over in the FAQ-section covering folder formats.

It was the Preferencesa\Folders\Add 'Group' Column automatically when file display is grouped


Also RightClick\Group By: Comes into play. When it is turned to "None" all is well.