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Open folder in other file display

If I have two file displays open in DO side-by-side, is there any quick way to take the highlighted folder in one display and open it so it appears as a top tab in the other display, without changing the first display? I can do it by dragging the folder to the tab area of the other display, and then clicking that tab, but I'm looking for a one-step solution--either a right-click context menu item or (even better) a shortcut/hotkey I can use. Thanks.

You'll probably want a button like this


Lots of finetuning is possible, have a look here.

Thanks. I'm brand-new to DO and am stuck at the Command Editor. I don't know VB. Do I put that line in the VBScript? Do I create a Standard Function or Script Function? I'm willing to learn but am having trouble navigating the help file.

Here's the command from above as a ready-to-use button:

Open folder in other file display.dcf (291 Bytes)

Save the dcf-file to your PC,
switch Opus into Customize mode,
drag the dcf-file into the toolbar of your choice,
close Customize mode with OK and
try it out with some test files and folders.

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Can you edit the default toolbars in the light version? I seem to recall you can only edit user made toolbars but I may be wrong.

Go FROMSEL NEWTAB=findexisting,tofront OPENINDUAL

This Code maybe help you. This Code will find the existing (if open), and change the focus to the newly opened folder with tofront code. If you do not want change the focus just remove this part.

Thanks for the replies. I am evaluating the Pro version and was able to get Ixp's button installed. I right-clicked to add a hotkey and it worked!

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Just a follow-up for future readers: Ixp's button worked, but for some reason if I closed the 2nd panel tab with Control+W, next time I tried the command, it would open the folder in the current single lister rather than in a new panel. I'm trying khalidhosain's version and it seems to work well.