Open folders in other lister display?


Question: Is there any way to set DOpus to have a dual display, but when the user double-clicks on a folder in the left display, the folder opens in the right display?

Alternatively, is there a way to customize the folder tree so it only displays what you want it to?

I'm trying to create a sort of kiosk mode where it has a left pane showing a bunch of shortcuts, and have those shortcuts open in the right pane so the left pane always just displays the shortcuts. Normally the folder tree would work fine for this, except I don't want to display all the usual folder tree stuff like My Computer and network drives and stuff.

Any thoughts/suggestions/solutions?

If you go to Settings -> File Types then edit the All Folders type and click to the Events tab you can set the dblclk action to go openindual to achieve this.

Other folders won't be impossible to reach, of course, so it's not a secure way to provide a kiosk for random people, but if you just want a simplified view for trusted people who aren't going to try to get to places they shouldn't then it should work fine.