Open in new tab - How to open existing one, instead of another new one

When I click on a folder in the folder tree, it will open in a new tab.
That's fine and that's the way how I set it, under Preferences > Folder Tree > Selection Events.

When I click on the same folder a 2nd time, it will create a new tab, rightfully so.

Is there way to avoid this? Meaning to say that in the the above case, Opus should jump to the readily existing open tab.


go newtab=findexisting

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Thank you very much indeed.

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My first post - in fact my first search on this forum! and I find this subject straight away.
Is it possible to get the same behaviour when you click on a folder from inside a tab. I've been looking for months (on and off!!) and can't find anything.

Go to Settings > File Types > All Folders > Events and change Left double-click to run:

Go NEWTAB=findexisting

Ah! Brilliant - thanks for the quick reply!

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