Open ISO files like if they were folders (ie, ala-RAR)


I think i did heard/read long ago that it was possible to open ISO files like if they were folders, but i can't realize atm how to achieve it. Is that possible or i've dream it?

Please note i'm not asking about mounting them*, unless DO can do it OOTB.

(* I can use Daemon Tools for that, but i don't want to install it if isn't strictly necessary)

Thank you.

Make sure ISO is turned on under Preferences / Zip & Other Archives / Archive and VFS Plugins.

(It should also be part of the Archives file type group, which in turn should have go as its Left double-click event, but that should be the case as long as ISO is turned on as per above, unless you've explicitly modified the file type group.)

Opus can only treat ISO files as folders if 7-Zip can also open them, since it uses the same underlying DLL. There are some ISO types that 7-Zip doesn't handle, but basic CDs and DVDs should work fine.

It should work. Do you have settings -> preferences -> ZIP & other archives -> archive & VFS plugins -> ISO checked?

I had another file type group for "cue", "nrg", and "iso" (no dbl-click assigned, just ctrl+dbl click) which apparently was conflicting with the Archives one, as soon i've removed .iso from it worked right away. my bad.

Well, thank you both for the help and prompt reply!