Open layout in current lister

At the bottom of Settings/Lister Layouts/Edit Layouts I am looking for a way to open a lister replacing the current lister. In other words, I want to close the current lister and open the lister I click on. I do not want to close ALL current listers, nor do I want to leave the current lister and create a new lister. This could be a checkbox "Replace current lister".

It can be done, but you might want to look at Styles instead of Layouts, since Styles are more suited to modifying a single window in-place.

Thanks for the quick reply.
I did not make my intentions clear in my first post. What I am looking for is to change to a directory quickly. Styles does not do this (at least the attempt I made did not).
From what you answered, it can be done. I will continue to search for the answer.

If all you want to do is change directory, you can use the Go command - Layouts and Styles would be overkill for that.