Open Lister with Opus

My thinking is that this should work.
file:///C:\Uty\Software\Opus\dopus.exe sub

In OneNote 2010 "file:///C:\Uty\Software\Opus\dopus.exe" will execute Opus. I'm trying to open a Lister called "sub" at the same time. Am I expecting to much?


That's a question for people who know how OneNote works, really.

You can't give a file:// URL arguments like that normally, but I don't really know where/how that URL or command-line is being used within OneNote so I don't know if it is wrong or not.

You'd be better off asking on a forum for OneNote users. Ask them how you would, say, run notepad.exe and pass it the name of a file to open. If they can tell you that then it should be easy to convert what they tell you into something which runs Opus with a particular folder, and we can help with that detail if needed.

Thanks I will give it a try. I will post my findings.


So far this seems to be going in the right direction. The link to topic. ... bc10b98935

You have to create a "Batch" file, file type .bat
For instance MyBat.bat
You create it with notepad.
A .bat file contains commands, at least one.
The command for starting programs is (surprise !): start
Parameters are and , for instance:
In your case:
start notepad.exe may.txt
This variant only works with notepad and if may.txt is in the same folder as the .bat file.
For other programs and files you need a full path, similar to
Tip: you can get the paths easily (in W7) by navigating to the path with explorer, right click the path at the top and select copy (to the clipboard).
For testing start the MyBat.bat by double click in explorer.