Open multiple files by clicking a toolbar icon


I want to open multiple MS Excel files, that I've selected in a lister, by clicking on a toolbar icon for Excel. I want these files to open within the same Excel instance. What is the command to do this?

I've tried command "1", below, but it opens the files in separate instances of Excel:

  1.           [b]{apppath|excel.exe}excel.exe {f} [/b]

I also tried command "2", below, but this command generates error messages (one for each file I selected) that say the files cannot be found:

  1.           [b]{apppath|excel.exe}excel.exe {allfile} [/b]


Use {allfilepath} instead of {allfile}, so that the full paths are given not just the names.

excellent, thanks

Aha.. {apppath|...}

A very useful little gem that I had previously never noticed. For others who may be interested its description can be found in Command Reference --> External control codes --> Codes for passing paths.


Returns the path of an installed application, as listed in the App Paths key in the registry. For example, {apppath|winword.exe} would insert the install path of Microsoft Word.
Regards, AB