Open path from clipboard on current or active lister display?

Hello everyone. I am currently evaluating this software, so far so good.

I am looking to do something, lets say I have a path in my clipboard (Example User/Documents) and I currently have an active lister displaying files from the User/Music folder.

Is there a native way to get Dopus to open the path in clipboard in that same active lister? Something like a Dopus command would be really nice. The only way I can think of is simulating keystrokes on the file path bar. Very slow and the toolbar is not always on for me.

Thank you.

Make a button with

Go PATH="{clip}"


Well I am relieved to know its possible, I am very new so I will go through the link on buttons/scripts you also shared.

Thank you very much for you help.

You can also right-click the path field and select Paste & Go from the menu.

Have a look at my Copy Paste Path buttons here Copy Paste Path Buttons.