Open PowerShell Here command missing

Hello Gang.
I have been tweaking my interface a bit and I wanted to add a couple buttons to my toolbar.
Open Command Prompt here
Open Powershell Here
Open Windows Terminal Here

I see the command for Open Command Prompt
But I do not see the other two.

I did see the post that said the command would be default in 12.3 but I do not see it in my 12.26

Am I just not seeing it? (probably :slight_smile: ) Thanks for any help


It's in the default Tools menu and default folder background right-click menu.

If your menus date back to an older version then it would not be added unless they are reset. But you can add the command easily enough if you need to keep other changes:

CLI DOSPROMPT=noadmin,powershell
CLI DOSPROMPT=admin,powershell

Depending on if you want the prompt to be elevated or not.

Thank you so much Leo That worked perfect. I will need to find some different icons to help differentiate them. (Icons are one of my specialties)

Thanks again for a quick reply!