Open specific files with Microsoft Video player (Movies & TV)

Once again im turning to you guys for help. Im trying to make a button which plays video with my player if a path exists, but plays the video with the default builtin Win10 video player if the path doesnt exist.

The idea is to run default player at my workplace. I know i can run the default app by typing MSWINDOWSVIDEO:// but it only opens the player, there is no way to play the selected file.


_mycustomcommand - (this command works fine, runs my video player for any file selected)
mswindowsvideo:// - (u cant give path to play selected according to Microsoft)

Is there any method to tell DOpus to fall back to default behaviour so i can select a file and open it in default player? I did not change default file associations, so in explorer every video is opened by default player (Movies & TV).

Thank you for any tips or tricks, im pullin my hair out :smiley: !

I found the solution! OMG im so blind! I was looking for answers for like 2 days straight on coding forums etc. This is the solution:


So i just need to put {filepath} nothing else. I overcomplicated things AGAIN!

I would do it like this, assuming you want it to be like double-clicking the file when c:\users\daniel doesn't exist:

<your custom command here> 
FileType ACTION=shellex
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Yeah thx! This is an even better idea, now that you mention it i will add it to my custom command so doubleclicking also works. Man this is going to be such a relief at work.

And thank you for formatting and making my post pretty!

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