Open the default lister with the selected file at the top of the list

When I open a file from a list into a new default lister it always selects the file (good) but in long lists, that file is always located at the bottom of the screen.
Is it possible to set the default lister somehow so that the selected file is always at the top of the list of files (or centred), rather than the bottom?

I don't think there is for the file display (only for the folder tree).

The file display will always scroll the minimal amount needed to bring a file into view. If the file is below the current position, the list will scroll down until the file is visible at the bottom. If the file is above, the list will scroll up until the file is visible at the top.

Thanks for the reply Leo.
I am assuming this is because DOPUS cant control every function of windows? (or does not need to re-invent every wheel).
Oh well, I will just continue with these extra steps in my workflow.