Open video files in a standalone viewer?

I'm having no luck with DOpus 9 opening video files (MPG, WMV, etc.) in the standalone viewer. No problem viewing them in the fixed viewer pane. Even after removing WMP as the default application, and setting it to DOpus, all I get is a new lister when I double-click. A single click gets me nothing (as expected, but it does show the video in the fixed viewer).

Is this even possible? The movie plugin is enabled and is at the top of the plugin stack. WMP is installed and plays the videos fine.

Any help is appreciated.


How did you associate Opus with the movie files? If you used the Open With menu and selected dopus.exe then it will open new listers (with the double-clicked file selected) as you describe. If you instead select d8viewer.exe then it should open an Opus viewer window to show the files.

Doh! Thanks for the fast response. That did it, of course.

I appreciate the help.