Open with Context menu item problems

Currently I am trying to add a 3d explorer to my context menu in Dopus.

I added the path with the %1 arg to the folder context menu in the file formats, but the 3d explorer doesnt open up the selected folder, but one folder above. Can someone shed light on this? I havent found a CLSID for this program otherwise I would do it with that.

What happens if you open a Command Prompt and type the path to the program (with quotes around it), then the path to a folder (also with quotes), and push return?

Does it open the folder path you give, or the parent of that?

What is the program you're running?

Your suggestion works well - I can browse the folder that way. The program is P3dO Explorer.

Using {filepath|noterm} instead of %1 might make it work in the Opus context menu. (Don't put any quotes around it.)

Works now, thanks so much.