Opened files don't show up in Recent Documents menu

If I open a document file, say a text file, why does it not show up in the Start -> Documents menu? This works fine when I use the Explorer, but not if I use Dopus.

Do you mean when you use Opus to open it in another application (e.g. Notepad, TextPad) or when you view it in the Opus viewer pane?

Whether other applications add items to the recent documents list is, I think, up to them and not something Opus has any control over.

I don't think Opus adds things that are displayed in the viewer pane to the recent documents list. (It would probably be very annoying if it did!)

Yes, when I said "open a document file" I meant in another application, not in the viewer pane. I am also talking about opening a file from within Opus, say by double-clicking on the file in the file list. A good example is double-clicking on a text file and having it open up in Notepad.

I don't believe that this is strictly up to the other application like you suggest. If it were, then Notepad would add a file to the Documents menu regardless of whether it was opened in the Windows Explorer or in Opus. However, it works when a file is opened in Explorer, but not when a file is opened in Opus. Therefore, the difference is in the file manager being used.

I think that this is a serious deficiency in Opus. The Documents menu is something that I use frequently for quick access to files that I have previously opened.

I guess you're right. Weird, I always thought it was up to the application to add files to the recent list. I guess that's only true when the file is openned within the application, rather than given to it via a command from outside.

I guess Opus just needs to call SHAddToRecentDocs whenever something is double-clicked. Probably easy enough to change now that it's been pointed out!

Any news on this item since 2005?
I just installed 10.0.2 and when I open a .txt file in Notepad by doubleclicking it in DOpus, it is not added to windows' recent files list in the start menu (which I would like to happen).


This was added in Opus

Excellent to know, I am about to download the beta

I'm not sure if I'm missing something, but this still doesn't seem to be working. When I open a text file, it is not added to Windows 10 recent files, which can be found at %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Recent.

Photos opened in DOpus are added, as well as other types of documents like pdf and docx, but not text files, including txt, vbs, xml, etc. Do I need to turn a setting on to make this work?


... and I don't remember changing any settings.

Deleting the entire folder content might help, Windows will rebuild the ...Destinations folders.

@lxp Thanks for confirming. I deleted the content of the Windows recents folder but unfortunately the problem still persists.

I use a portable version of notepad2 to open text files; perhaps that's a factor. I'll have to investigate further...

I just tried opening the same text files in Windows File Explorer and they are added to the Windows recents list, while in DOpus they are not. In Windows File Explorer, double-clicking the files also opens them in portable notepad2, so it seems portable noteplad2 is not the issue. This seems to indicate that the issue is something related to DOpus...

I'd say it's the opposite.

A portable program intercepting the double-click on a file sounds strange.

Might have something to do with

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I had changed some settings in the registry to allow notepad2 to replace notepad.exe, so the portable program is actually acting as if it were installed in some sense. It's possible these registry setting changes may be causing the problem.

But I still find it strange that opening files using notepad2 in Windows File Explorer, either by double-clicking or by using the "open with" menu, adds the items to Windows recent list, but DOpus does not under the same conditions (double-clicking or using "open with").

As for the lack of updates to notepad2: it may be an old program, but still works perfectly well. I doubt the original notepad.exe app in windows has been updated in decades :slight_smile:

I am sure the editor still works fine, but it was released three years before Windows 10 even hit the market. Notepad might still be same, but I am rather confident there were one or two changes in the rest of Windows :wink:

So, well, I wouldn't bet too much money on Opus being the culprit in this case :smiley:

After some testing, I can confirm the problem is not notepad2. I ran my DOpus configuration in a virtual machine with Windows 10 default settings (with notepad.exe as the default text editor). The problem persists.

So I believe there is some setting in DOpus that is causing this. Any ideas as to what settings could be interfering with adding text items to the Windows recent list?

How are you opening the files?

Things are only added to recent documents if they are opened via double-click, and via the standard double-click action for the file's type.

If you use an Opus-specific custom hotkey/button or double-click action to launch the editor, or if the editor is used because of Preferences / File Operations / Double-click on Files / Open unregistered file types in text viewer if they appear to be plain text, then it won't be added to the recent list (since selecting the item from the recent list probably wouldn't result in the same editor opening the file, if anything opens it at all).

(If you turn off that Preferences option and double-click the file, and it opens in something else, then that indicates the file type isn't set up properly to open it in the program you're using.)

Thanks Leo, those were exactly the settings that I needed to change to fix the problem.

Specifically, I had a custom double-click event for my text file type group. Even though the custom action was pointing to the same editor as the default one registered with the system (notepad2), it was preventing text files from being added to the Windows recent list. I must have configured the Opus double-click event before fully registering notepad2 as the default editor and then forgot to delete the redundant custom event.

Anyways, now that I've removed the custom double-click event, text files are appearing in the Windows recent list. Thanks again.

As an aside, in Windows File Explorer, items are added to the recent list by both double-clicking and using the "open with" menu. In DOpus, using the "open with" menu does not add the items to the list.