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This is one of my favourite "Must have" Tools.
It's able to completely replace the Windows "Open with" Dialog in the Context Menu of all files.
(You can also have both entries if you need the Windows "Open with" sometimes.)

With "OpenExpert" you can rightclick a file and create a list of suitable applications for the filetype.
Now you can choose between several Applications you want this filetype to be opened with.
You can also specify an application for all filetypes (i.e. notepad).

You can create a list of suitable Applications with DOpus too, but not in such a comfortable manner.
Should be a feature natively integrated in DOpus I think!

You'll find a detailed description and a screenshot here:

There is also a german site:

To have the OpenExpert Context Menu entry in the customized Context Menu of DOpus go to "Settings=>File Types" and doubleclick "All Files".
Now go to the "Context Menu" Tab. Create a new entry by clicking "New..." and give the entry the name "Open with...".
For the Function you need the GUID of OpenExpert. You'll not find the GUID at the Standard places of Windows registry!
I had to search the registry for "OpenExpert" to find it.

For me the entry for "Function" is (should always work):

FileType ContextForce ContextMenu={67C63340-679B-11D2-92EE-000021474C11}

You should only need to add the FileType ContextForce/GUID stuff if you have told Opus to hide all 3rd party context menus by default.


Yes, you're right! Thank you for your remark.
"OpenExpert" adds a Context Menu entry to the Windows Context Menu itself.

I followed your Tutorial to "Organise and Speed-Up Context Menus":
[url]Tip: Organise and Speed-Up Context Menus]

I moved the 3rd party entries to a submenu but want to have OpenExpert in the first line.
The GUID stuff is only needed if you hide 3rd party entries completely or, like me, don't want to have the "Open with..." in the submenu.

Hmm I got excited until I found out they are charging $20 for this little tool.
Instead I think I will build my own Dopus-powered "Open With..." menu for each file type group in my system. It will take an hour and save $20 :smiley:

On the Baxbex Website you'll find this:

...but it's only for Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP and not working on 64bit Systems. :cry:
I used it with Windows XP where it was really useful but with Win7 64bit I'm to some extend satisfied with the "Open with..." Menu.