Opening a new lister

I'm going to need to work my way quietly through the manual because certain options for listers seem to contradict one another (such as format under lister styles, and the 'view mode' checkbox- which one is used, if one says PowerMode and the other Details, for example?) but one thing I'm really curious about is if it's possible to have a lister open via double clicking the desktop, yet retain the windows which were opened in a previously opened lister?

What I'm using is a maximised variation on the commander view, for a newly opened lister.

Okay, solving most of my own issues here... I got it to work, just the way I like it :slight_smile:

Still, can someone explain about format versus the view mode? Thanks in advance.

If a Style defines both a View Mode and a Format which also defines a View Mode then I'm not sure which takes priority. It'll be one or the other, though, so give it a try I guess.

I think Styles can define View Modes just to make the UI easier, since it's a common thing to create a Style for and saves having to dig into the Format box. Maybe the two things should be linked together, so changing one changes the other.

To use the previous folders when you open a new lister:

Turn on the Update Default Lister... option and the Initial Folders option.

That would certainly make things easier to understand. There seems to be some ambiguity with a number of the options, which make understanding which things will override others difficult.

It seems as though view mode overrides format, so... I'll go with that.

The View Mode does override the Format, yes - it's given as a separate option to save you from having to define a format if all you want to do is change the view mode (since this is probably the most likely thing you would want a style to affect).

I would like just to see simple table of what every of these interface notions includes, with indications what is optional and what has preference over what.
One time effort and so much gain.

Other way there will be always problems with that...


I think View Mode is the only option that potentially overrides another one. Is there something else specifically you're confused about?

I meant Layouts, Styles, Folder formats, Default lister, Themes etc.


So you're confused about the whole program, basically? :slight_smile:

Basically I am cautious :slight_smile:
I don't use every feature all the time, so such reference would be handy (in help for example).


Reading through some of the manual did clear up a few initial areas of confusion for me... such as where the default lister comes into play, but I agree that a quick reference outlining those things would be helpful. If you're not dealing with them on a frequent basis, I can imagine how quickly someone could forget.