Opening a single instance of dopus for a folder

I don't like the fact that each times I double click on the desktop
it open each times a new lister.
What I would prefer:
if there's no open lister , then open a new one.
If there's already one open or more, maximize the last openned.

Ideally, it would behaves like explore, i.e if a folder is already opened in a lister, then don't create a new lister when you click on the same folder,
just maximize the already existing lister.
Off course , this behavior shouldn't conflict, with particular layouts, i.e
if you have same folder in a "dual pane" , at left and right part.

I don't know if all I ask is possible with current version,
if not, could you move this directly this thread to feature request ? (instead of reposting this there)


You can sort-of do this with a registry hack (there's an old post or two about it in the forums) but the hack doesn't work brilliantly and has a couple of annoying caveats.

It has been very often requested, though, so it wouldn't be surprising to find it in the next version.

great & thanks