Opening djvu files

this might not be ata ll a fault of dopus, but i thought i would ask here, since people are generally helpful and knowledgable--

i can't seem to get djvu files to properly associate with djviewer. in dopus i double-click the file and it always opens the 'open with' dialog, regardless of whether or not i click the 'always use this program' checkbox. then i noticed in djviewer it gives the error: "may not have enough permissions to write to the system registry" when i try to manually associate djvu files with it. any ideas on what to try? i am floundering.

Run djviewer as Administrator (via UAC if you're on Vista/7) and then tell it to set up its association, then exit it. You should then be able to run it normally and have it work.

oops forgot to say i am on xp pro.

Do you have admin rights? Many programs assume that you have them when setting up file type associations.

It sounds like something you should talk to the people who make djviewer about, either way.

Though you could also use Opus's file type editor to set up the association yourself if you want to.