Opening downlaoded zip files

When I double click on a zip file in "My Computer", i sometimes get a file transfer window flashing on and off on the screen. It won't go away until i log off and back on.! i have Opus set to handle my zip files by default.
Anyone else seen this, and have any suggestions?


Seems very odd, especially since you can't put zip files in "My Computer". Any chance you could post a screenshot?

Alas not- it is flashing too quickly! All i did was doubleclick on a zip file from 'My Computer'. The DIalog that is flashed up is titled 'File Download', and has the globe and the folder icons in it, just like a normal internet download dialog shows. I cannot read the text however!


It is definitely Opus related - in Task Manager i sometimes have 5 or 6 dopus.exe running!

hmmm - finally i get a message syaing that 'Access to the file is not available"!! Hope this may help!

I'm still confused here. Do you mean My Computer, as in the virtual folder which displays a list of drives on your computer? Or something else?

Like Jon says, you can't have a zip file in My Computer.

(I know some people call Explorer "My Computer" because you double-click the My Computer icon to open it so maybe that's what you mean?)

I open 'My Computer', navigate to a zip file(DOpus set to handle zips by default), and double click on it. This is when I get the error/problem!!

But where is the Zip file? It can't be in My Computer itself. It must be somewhere below My Computer. Where?

It can be ANYWHERE on my disks - if I open it through Explorer, or from Opera, Or Internet Explorere or Firefox, etc etc, if stuffs up!! It eventually(about 2 minures) times out and goes away!

I suspect it has something to do with temporary file stoprage during/after the actual download!

Just to make sure it is clear, I have multiple disks and a zip file can be anywhere on any disk, and will cause a problem!!

So the problem doesn't only happen in Opus?

Which program does the file transfer dialog belong to?

Iam unable to tell, although Windows Task Manager shows increasing numbers of dopusrt.exe being started!

I have been able to check some more - this is happening on both Opera and on SeaMonkey browsers! If i doubleclick a file from within DOpus, it works fine! However, opening it from a browser download manager window seems to cause the problem! It is not life and death, but it is damn irritating!!

Hope this helps!


So actually nothing whatsoever to do with Opus then?

I just tried opening a Zip file from Opera and it opened the downloaded Zip file in an Opus window without any problems.

It might be worth a try to go to Preferences / ZIP Files / Integration, turn off Make Opus the system default handler for ZIP files, press Apply, then turn it back on again and Apply again. That should re-write the registry settings.

But it's also possible that it isn't Opus or Opus's registry settings that are causing the conflict with other programs. It could be the programs themselves (though Opera seems fine here). It could be an anti-virus program that is intercepting ZIPs and other files downloaded from the Internet and going wrong. Or some other thing...