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Opening files in other programs on dual monitors


Well, here's another thing that I don't know how to deal with using Opus in dual monitor mode...

I just found out that when I'm in the lister on my secondary monitor, and I navigate anywhere and double click a .txt file in order to read it, that file opens up on my primary monitor.

Is there a setting where I can change that? I'd like to have any .txt files that are initiated on the secondary monitor to open on that monitor.

UPDATE: OK, I see this is not limited to just .txt files. Photos do the same thing... Is this something I just have to learn to live with when using dual monitors???


You mean when the file opens in a third party program? That's unrelated to Opus and entirely up to the other program.

You might ask them if they could add an option to make their program open on the monitor where the mouse is.


Yes, I use third party programs to view .txt files, and just lately, for viewing photos also.

Thanks for that insight. I dunno, I think I made a critical error in logically assuming that when using dual monitors, that anything started or opened in monitor 2 would just use monitor 2, and visa versa. Wouldn't that make more sense, across the board, no matter what program is being used??

If you do something on the left, you want it all to stay in the left.... If only that were true..


A lot of software will always open either on the primary monitor (you can choose which that is), or on the last monitor they were used on.


Thanks, yes, I'm finding that out as I go. Well, they say that the journey is half the fun.... I'll find my way as I go or at least find a way to adapt!

Thanks again for all your help today!


That I believe is the right answer. Try moving the text viewer or photo window to the other monitor, and close it.
and reopen a file and see if shows up in the same place.

If not open and move again, but close by holding shift down and clicking the X, i seem to recall this as a trick for explorer to save the window position to the registry.


Nice tip, thanks!!