Opening files on a FTP server directly


it would be very convenient to open files located on a FTP host directly, for instance via UltraEdit or a similar program. The default behaviour when double-clicking a non-binary file inside a FTP lister is Windows notepad popping in, but saving the modified file back to the FTP server is a pain in the ass because of the temporary file's location. This could be handled more efficient.

The most elegant way I could imagine would be DOpus observing the temporary file for modification and writing it back to the FTP host, provided that the FTP connection is kept alive or re-opened with the buffered/saved credentials. This could be completely transparent to the application editing the file.

What about that idea? Could be a great timesaver ...

Kind regards,
Willy Dee

Note: This message was posted to the official support page too.


Too bad nobody seems to have any need for that feature ... Maybe this could be realized within the SCV plugin?

This would be great !!!

Not only "it would be great" but, evaluating the tool, I couldn't buy it without automatic update: my log/properties files are associated with UltraEdit, the files are opened ok, but not saved...

This is feature is a must have!
I'm really missing it since switching from flashFXP to DOpus