Opening new lister with saved folder tabs


I was wondering if there is a way to set DO to auto open a certain saved folder tab list. I know i can right click the folder tab bar and open it that wya, but would be nice to save it so that when I open a new lister or whatever, that it auto opens which ever saved folder tabs i tell it to. Something like the " open blank folder tab or open current tab" kind of thing

Well there are a few ways to achieve the overall effect you're looking for without necessarily invoking the folder tab group you have in mind directly. It all depends on how you open your listers...

For instance, when you click on the shortcut installed with Dopus, the 'default' lister settings seem to be loaded... if this is the way you usually open a new lister, then you can open a lister and open your folder tab group, then click on the Settings->Set As Default Lister menu option... not sure if you already have the Update Default Lister settings when Listers closed option disabled in Settings->Preferences->Layout->Opening Listers tab, but I've found most people I talk to disable it.

If you usually double-click on the desktop like I do to open a new lister, then saving a new custom layout while you're preferred tab group is open should also do the trick... then just change the options for which layout to load on the same Prefs page mentioned above in the Listers opened by double-clicking section.

Since GPSoft took the time to give us Folder Tab groups in the first place and did a proper job extending the internal command set to support them as well with things like the TABGROUPLOAD switch, I'd suggest you use this as well, but I don't see how you would invoke that functionality in the initial opening of listers using the methods above - i.e. double-click and shortcut...

Actually.. I found out how to do what i wanted to do....

under prefs/layout/lister styles ... there is a new option called "tabs" when you select a lister.... i can set up whatever default tabs to load up when i click the lister style.

oh... didn't see that.