Opening new tab

I have defined the action for the left double click event in folders as GO NEWTAB but I would like the new tab to be opened near the parent's folder tab (where I double click).

How to do that?

On the same topic, is there a way to middle-click on a folder to make it open in a new tab like web browsers do?

Only for a double-middle-click, not for middle-click itself (which does a toggle-select usually).


Please don't forget to give an idea to this...

I don't know of a way to do it. If you want it you might need to send GPSoftware a feature request via their support page.

For what I "think" you're suggesting, Opera calls its version of this option Open new tab next to active... FWIW.

Edit note: Personally, I'd prefer to see something like this added as a NEWTAB argument... something like Go NEWTAB=next or something similar, as opposed to a "global" all or nothing option like how Opera does it.